Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The precious one from the ♥ one

Hai guys~ i'm jus back from my Bangkok trip ;) no doubt that's a really great trip for me and I will plan to visit thr again in the next few months :P
baby had purchase me my lovely lovely C earrings
I never would wanna show off any of my stuff here but for this time, I wish to post it out here and share it with u guys because I am a really a crazy C freak !!! I'm surprise tat baby pass the Chanel fragrance, I can be proud to say tat he oways have the good taste in choosing fragrance. The every perfume he bought me I do love it very much so do my new collection Chanel CHANCE too
As for the earrings, I HAD craving it for such a long time... but KL CHANEL really sucks enuf!! we reserve the earrings for more than a months and keep waiting for it but until today we never receive the phone call from CHANEL boutique which in kl told us tat our stock is ready >..<


Friday, January 08, 2010

here ;)

sorry pees, finally I be able to step in my Blog again! haha It been ages!!
there's a lots of over-due post awaiting me to updates here! but i am glad tat still peoples visit my blog thou i have no any updates here ;) SORRy guys
arrgghh oh god! i shud update one by one from tomolo on since I am now super free in my sweet home!!!
stay tune ♥
and now me and my baby lao po was processing somthing new to us something new to u guys too..
hope it go smoothly and way to success !
Will be inform u guys once it done teehheee* excited and can't really wait for it!! ;D

Friday, December 04, 2009

Outing wif my sexay sexy

Can u believe i stayed in my darling's room for 5 days edy and only out for dinar and supermarket ? yea, that's my life over here.. simple but sweet and nice ;)
Arghh, there’s still posts starting from Oct Nov to Dec..U know what, i’ve got few hundred pics in my lappy that hasn’t been uploaded by me yet.. there's some birthday celebration? club nitez outings? shopping dae? yea! there's too much for me and can i jus updates my post one by one slowly from the latest to the out-dated post? :P

I got a very busy weekend wif my babes after my final END! yea! It's E.N.D! yuhoo~
well, there's no club only dinner , K session and shopping dae for us! oh ya! and done a little facial wif honey be4 Viet ;)

Got my little red bibi by this day but failed to get my Iphone which I've been wait for 3 weeks! argh!! maxis was really pissed me off!!! macam chin!
Nitezx, meet my babes up and dinner wif them at my 1st choice Zanmai! we Q-ing for almost 45 minutes to get the seat!! but wasnt us who done the mission, It's our Da tong fang! haha~
We got our K session after the dinar since everyone looks tired even lazy to paint our face and cancelled our club party outing!
We sang the whole nites until late 4:00am!!! aint us crazy? lols

Had a little shopping dae wif my babes ;)
Heading out for our brunch by 3:30pm!!!!
BO lo bao!!
I seriously cant remember the name of this soup! forgive us was too hungry by that time even ordered wif pointing the pics of the dishes without noticed the name of it :P
Zhu chiong Fann, dislike tis!!
woo woo wie~ we miss this!! niceeee>.<
darling and meeeee a latest & new one after 2 months goes ;D
"Cause when i'm when them i'm thinking of u~" hahahas

Evelyn liaw wif her new hair dye
the ladies
she like to post like this!
the waiter there really pissed me off!!!! We trying to asked for bill from them but neither any of them give us a response!!
lady miki
lao po!! Does this look familiar? :D
random one!

mirror mirror on the world!
take II

*Had facial facial wif evelyn liaw and skype wif the nitez wif xiao hui teo the wholie nitez long!!!!
*Packed for my sweet escape :P

Thursday, December 03, 2009

the final one ;)

hey guys,
This is the another out-to date post again..
since I have some little free time in my holiday, I decided to try my very best to post all my over due post, :P
I'm just finished my interior design course in LimKokWing Uni which took me 3 years long to go.. It's a tough job for me but maybe neither you, I've went through all this with my efforts, and what I wishing now is plz give me a flying colour result for my final plz..
For my Uni life, it jus like a part of story of mine, It's been up and down in this three years,
esp for my 1st year in LimKokWing Uni hostel, That's my 1st to stay in a new environment myself and I been forced to get used to it. I moved in the hostel alone and couldnt go anyway becoz I dun have my own transport by that time. I use public transport and fren's vechicle all the time so it was quite tough for me,and luckily I've my boy's mentally support for me all the time and visit me once his holiday, his support is oways the biggest consolation for me, thanks dear dear.
In the past 3 years, I met some buddies which i do appreciate muchie. THANks to appear within my uni life and even helped me up in some certain things.. and i'm learning much alots from them.
And yea,
thanks god that i am able to finish all this smoothly ;)
teeehee :)

the final design review board by mich ;), board 1
board 2
Our review lecturer
Vien presenting her works ;)
My course mates for Sem 6 ;)

Our lecturer and my buddies
Finally came to the end! It's 6:00p.m
ya! jus ignore my tired look!


Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Her lighting sculpture presentation

Well, we doing furniture design in our final semester for our course and this the tough subject cause for our final course we need to come out with a real furniture and luckily for our this semester, lecturer requested us to design our own lighting sculpture individually and as for Interior Architecture, they doing wire sculpture :)

The presentation dae for our lighting sculpture, mich sat on Darren's light box
dear cindy, kelvin and ignore the eyes swollen mich which din had enuf sleep for few days ;P
she and her works ;) teehee*
cindyyy and her lighting sculpture
Our coursemate's work ;)
Yang's works
Winda's :)
Hassan;s work
The negro gurl's work. Ops.. i never know her name ;P
Tis nice! ;D
Raina's works :)
Ermm.. a guy's works
Kelvin's works! I would wan this to be in my room! it's cute hehe
Christina works
Darren! Nice one!
teeheee! who else! of course mine ;P
This thumbs UP too!
from Sandy :)
Bruss's one
presenting.. ..
this flowery lighting sculpture from Vivien :)
This one from another black gurl
this from jia ying! ;)
the seat wif lighting from Puya
this one from Guntur
kie! the las one and nid to prepare for the nitex party! lols wondering wat party we heading?
our Vivien's 21's birthday blashhh yuuhoo*